Hundreds of Thousands of Pre-Marked Ballots for Trump and other Republican candidates discovered in a Siberian Warehouse


Ballot Box found in Siberia

Hundreds of thousands of pre-marked Trump votes were discovered in the outskirts of Russia, in the now defunct military district of Siberia by a group of Finnish scientists studying the effects of global warming. An ongoing investigation is currently taking place by the Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB, to find out who exactly was behind the printing of these fraudulent votes.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, there is no hard evidence to suggest that the President Valdimir Putin or the Kremlin had any knowledge of the warehouse or of the votes. However, it is implied that a rogue group of agents within the FSB itself printed the forged votes and planned to ship them off to the United States in key swing states in the days leading up to the 2016 election.

The votes never made it to the United States in time for the election due to a typo printed on every one of the counterfeit votes. This typo would have compromised the integrity of the forged votes, and they were simply left in Siberia.

According to wire documents, these rogue agents within the FSB have been in contact on more than one occasion with several top Republican donors from Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania, including none-other than Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr., the husband of Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos.

No formal charges have been handed down yet, but the matter is still under investigation.


Investigation of the fraudulent ballot boxes are in place.

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